It has been documented that selling your home and moving is one of the top 7 most stressful things a person does in their life. The packing, pricing, negations, inspections and the overall inconvenience make the process very unpleasant for most people. Not to mention the complications of dealing with buyers personality and those darn real estate agents.

Over the years our firm has seen this process take it's toll on even the strongest Sellers. How did the process affect them you ask? The got less money for their home than they should have, they made extra repairs because they were backed in to a corner by a Buyer, and they were left hanging by a none responsive real estate agent, just to mention a few.

It has become common place when selling a home to reach an agreement and then for the next thirty to sixty days, the Buyer tries to re-write the terms as inspections reveal new information about the property. The expense of all this is high both in terms of money and emotional wear and tear on the Seller.

We have developed an exclusive stress-reducing program for Sellers whose homes qualify.

1. Pre marketing appraisal by a professional appraiser to determine the proper asking price for a property, not 2 or 3 different real
    estate agents trying to get you to like them, and list with them. This service is paid for by Kevin Melonas*

2. Pre marketing home inspection to objectively determine the condition of the property to be sold. What repairs need to be made
    before listing and what to disclose to potential Buyers. This will reduce re-negotiating the agreement after all parties sign it. This
    service is included and paid for when listing with Kevin Melonas*

3. Pre marketing termite inspection of property. Paid for by Kevin Melonas*

4. Guaranteed "Easy Exit Listing Agreement" that allows the Seller to cancel the listing contract at any time. No questions

5. Guaranteed "Communication Agreement" timely feed back from Kevin Melonas & Associates Real Estate Group Member 
    or we reduce our service fee.*

6. Guaranteed "Sellers Guarantee" offer of purchase in a timely manor or we reduce our service fee.*

Think how pleasant a transaction could be if a Buyer, equipped with the results of these investigations, and with a pre-approved mortgage made an offer on your property, and it was accepted. In 30-60 days settlement should occur. Sounds impossible. I don't think so. Why can't selling your home be less stressful?

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