The auction team at Harcourts USA understand that it is a big decision when selling your home

Myself and my team coupled with the auction process could be the key decision you make that provides you with an amazing result.

Pricing a property can sometimes be a game of guessing. If you list the price too high, you could scare buyers away. And of course the last thing we want is pricing your property too low. Setting a price is essentially a process of you and your agent hoping your guess as to the list price is correct.

Furthermore, what if you list the property and no one is interested, no one is calling, no one is inspecting your property? What are your options? Well, 9 times out of 10 your agent will approach you to lower your list price, hoping this will encourage more people to consider buying your home. But do you want buyers to simply look at your home based on price? Do you want them to look at your home because they think they can get a bargain or submit an offer well under your asking (because hey, we all know list prices are regularly more often than not an inflated figure of the seller’s realistic expectation).

Don’t let hope be used when it comes to selling your home because hope is a bad strategy certainty when it comes to dealing with one of your biggest assets in life. Instead at Harcourts we are here to provide a strategy to achieve you the highest price possible.

Through an auction campaign, potential buyers do not have a list price, all they know is your beautiful property is for sale and will be sold on a particular date – auction day.
Auction removes the buyers focus away from a price and when you take the price away, this allows the buyers to focus on where the property is and what’s on offer.

Harcourts USA understands there are many myths and presumptions surrounding auctions; however, our Harcourts USA Auction division provide a process no one else can provide.

As the Auctioneer “ we do not get paid until we sell your property… and we don’t sell your property until we reach a figure you are comfortable with, therefore we would never recommend or do anything that doesn’t work.”

The Auction process allows you to set a date and a timeline, which creates certainty. There is nothing worse than waiting around, guessing when your property is going to sell, or not sell.

We all know the 25th of December is one of the busiest times of the year. Why? Because it’s a set date, we all know the 25th means Christmas and we all run around crazy making sure we are prepared for the day. The auction process employs the same concept. There is a date of auction which encourages a sense of urgency on the buyer’s perspective to complete their due diligence and be in a position to bid. The auction process removes the buyer’s ability to procrastinate for long periods of time whilst your property remains on the market. The longer a property remains on the market, the more tarnished its reputation, people begin to think something is wrong with the property. Setting a date, encourages buyers to make a decision whilst ensuring you receive the most amount of money in the shortest time, because the more tarnished the property’s reputation gets, the less money a buyer will be willing to pay.

The Auction team at Harcourts USA, only conduct auctions with a reserve price, we do not believe in underselling property and we believe the sale of your property is your decision. Therefore, we allow you the opportunity to accept any offer made by a buyer prior to auction day and you will also set a reserve price which is a minimum price you will accept to sell your property, therefore if for any reason the bidding at the auction not reach a figure you are comfortable with then you are under no obligation to sell. The Seller retains control throughout an auction process and with the assistance of your listing agent and the Harcourts USA Auction team you will be guided and supported through the process.

An Auction means your property is essentially listed to buyers without a price, this allows you to capture the attention of ALL interested parties, regardless of whether their budget is less than your property’s worth or more. An auction ensures we reach a broader reach in the market place and attract all types of buyers. Whoever they are we want them to come to your auction. In an auction arena we have the ability to deal with multiple buyers in an extremely transparent and open environment. Auction creates competition and we all know records are broken in competition.

An auction sale is a very clean, simple and non-contingent contract. Selling your property under auction terms means there is no stress associated with wondering whether the buyers will be able to close. At an auction the contract is not contingent on finance or inspections and instead the buyer must complete all due diligence before auction day. Therefore when auction day come, you know those people bidding are very serious about buying your property.

When selling your property via traditional means, as the seller you are removed from any negotiation and often kept in the dark about offers and interested parties. At auction, you have the ability to see everyone interested in your property, they are standing in your front yard. You are able to see everyone wanting to buy your property, they are legitimately registered by the Harcourts USA team and holding bidding paddles, but most importantly you can see exactly how much each person is willing to pay for your property, because they are holding their paddles and calling out the amount. Auction is a very transparent setting for negotiation where you as the seller are able to see what the market is prepared to offer. There is no smoke and mirrors and no hidden secrets.
"Don’t let hope be used when it comes to selling your home because hope is a bad strategy, instead at Brady & Co alongside Harcourts USA we are here to provide a strategy to achieve you the highest price possible"
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