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How do you guarantee that the tenant will pay?

Our sources of clients tend to give us over qualified tenants, in fact 9 out of 10 of these clients will purchase a home within the next 2 to 3 years. The main reason they lease is to find out about wonderful city and where they will choose to purchase if they choose to purchase. We also have a very extensive screening process that will ensure us that the approve tenant will be guarantee able under our guidelines. Every tenant that is qualified under our guidelines will have our exclusive 180 day guarantee of quality.

How do you find your qualified tenants?

We expose your property to qualified tenants through our relocation program and with our extensive marketing program will get your property in front of hundreds of possible tenants have have a real need for your property. What we will not do is bring you an under qualified tenant to place in the property and obtain a fast fee. 

How will you market our property?

Our extensive multi-media marketing program will get your property expose with over 6+ types media. We have an aggressive  marketing plan that will expose your property in the proper places where the higher quality of tenants look. We have been known to be one of the best Luxury home property management firm in the North Los Angeles Area that specializes in properties with a value exceeding one million dollars. When working with this level of clientele requires  completely different way of thinking.. where the average property management firm will only advertise your property in the local Free Classifieds, Penny Savers, Recycler and even on-line at Craigslist. These types of marketing have been proven not to bring the best results. In fact they  have proven to bring in the worse type of  tenants. The type of tenants that DO NOT PAY.

What we will not do is advertise your property in publications that tend to bring in under qualified tenants.

What is your tenant procurement fees?

The fees are calculated from the gross rents for the term of the lease and vary for each property and the services that are selected.  We  will give you a good faith estimate of fees during you initial property inspection and market appraisal.  These fees vary depending the services that you select.  However if for any reason  we do not lease your property than there will be no fees due.

How long are your procurement listing contracts?

Our procurement listing contracts are for 120 days or less,  which are cancelable at any time without any restrictions or hidden fees*

Do you offer assistance if I manage my own property?

We are available for the full term of your contract and will assist you with anything you need. You will have access to our extensive list of third party local services at your disposal.  This list has gardeners, plumbers, pool services, handy man, carpet cleaners, carpet installers, painters and many others needed services.

Do you manage the property and collect the monthly rents?

Yes, for a  small nominal fee we will manage your property and collect the monthly rents, handle all repairs and tenant related calls. Please ask us for a detailed list of manage services.

Do you evict the tenant if there is a problem?

Will provide the service for all 3 day and 30 day notices if needed. We will refer you to a professional local eviction attorney that we have on file. This firm can handle the whole process for you for a small nominal fee. However if you choose our complete package than we will pay for the eviction costs* under our exclusive eviction service protection guarantee.

How long will it take for you to rent my property?

There is no set amount of time in the rental market, however the average market time can be as little as 20 days.  You will find that working with Melonas & Associates, Citywide Leases Property Management that your property will lease faster and reduce your vacancy losses.  We will give you a more precise marketing time for your property during our initial property inspection and market rent appraisal.

How long is your tenant guarantee?

We will guarantee the quality of the tenant for 1 full year from the day the lease is signed.

How does your tenant guarantee work?

We are so confident in our tenant procurement process and screening of each tenant, that if for any reason you have to evict an approved tenant that we will fully reimburse you our procurement fees and find you a replacement tenant for FREE. It's that simple.*