It has been documented that leasing your investment property is one of the top most stressful things a person does in their life.
Dealing with unqualified prospects, advantage taker prospects, non-show prospects, wasted time waiting, cost associated with advertising in the wrong publications, and the overall inconvenience make the process very unpleasant for most people. Not to mention the complications of dealing with a potential tenants personality.

Over the years we have seen this process take it's toll on even the strongest landlords. How did the process affect them you ask? The received less money for their rents than they should have, they made compromises with credit qualifications, deposit retentions, overall quality of tenant because they were backed in to a corner by the holding cost of having a vacancy,  just to mention a few. The expense of all this is high both in terms of money and emotional wear and tear on the Seller.

We have developed an exclusive stress-reducing program for Landlords whose investment properties qualify.

Think how pleasant it would be to list your investment property and have a high quality tenant that actually has the credit scores, income and deposit requirements to lease your property at a profitable monthly rent. How nice would it be to actually get the rent on time or even early every month rather then chasing the tenant down wondering if you will have enough money to make your payment and evict the problem tenant.

                                                          Sounds impossible.  We don't think so.
                                    Why can't leasing your investment property be less stressful?

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