(ensuring comfort for the client and accountability for your agent)

We refuse to work with anyone who we cannot legally represent. This means that the only way that we can negotiate for you, represent you and keep everything you tell us in confidence, is to be your Melonas & Associates  Exclusive Buyer Broker. This agreement also will guarantee you that you will be represented sole interest.

Now, if you do not know what a Exclusive Buyer Brokerage is, we can go over that in detail. But for the terms of this contract, all you need to know is that although you and your agent will both sign a Buyer Broker Agreement, We do not hold you to that in the strict legal sense.

We want to earn your trust. We learned a long time ago, that we first trusted people that they would more easily trust us as well. So to get the ball rolling. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the work your agent is doing for you, or if you do not think that your agent does not return your phone calls promptly then simply let us know and we will tear up this form and it will be null and void.

This means that we will be able to represent you, our "lifetime client". It means also that we will have to earn your trust over time, and best of all you will not be locked into working with your agent if you do not want to. Seem fair? We think so. We look forward to exceeding your expectations of any real estate brokerage and winning your trust and loyalty.

We look forward to helping your reach your goals!
This is our commitment to you
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